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I was born and raised in Worcester and have lived and worked in the city for most of my life. Rosen family roots in Central Massachusetts stretch back to my grandfather, Harry, who owned and operated a floor-covering business. My father, Sol, owned a small pharmacy in the Webster Square area of Worcester. While I was student at South High School, I worked at the pharmacy's soda fountain. How times have changed! It now all seems like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting.


I went on to earn a B.S. degree in psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It was my father who urged me to pursue chiropractic. He had suffered and injury and had tried several medications that offered little to no relief. One of his customers had good results with chiropractic manipulation, prompting Dad to give it a try. He was sold on it - and I found the prospect of becoming a chiropractor to be appealing.


I attended the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago, graduating in 1976. I went on to become a chiropractor specializing in a technique called trigger point therapy.


I discovered the amazing effects of trigger point therapy through personal experience. As a chiropractic student, I suffered from the aches and pains associated with the pressures of intense book learning, practicums and long and difficult examinations. I sought help at the college clinic. The chiropractic adjustments and other therapies were helpful but did not provide as much relief as I would have liked. As luck would have it, I crossed paths with a doctor who was practicing a new and unorthodox technique developed by Dr. Raymond Nimmo. It was based on the research of Janet Travell, M.D., who had gained considerable fame as President John F. Kennedy’s physician.  


Dr. Nimmo’s Receptor Tonus Technique was not sanctioned by any of the chiropractic colleges because it was not based on the detection and elimination through chiropractic adjustment of subluxation, or misalignments of the spinal column and of the associated joints and extremities. Indeed, Dr. Nimmo’s technique was considered heresy at the time. Dr. Nimmo often had to present his seminars off campus because his views made him persona non grata at chiropractic colleges.




I found the treatments a revelation. They quickly relieved my pain and eliminated muscle spasms, allowing an adjustment to be performed more easily and effectively. I was completely sold on Dr. Nimmo’s approach. I sought him out and attended as many of his seminars as possible.


Dr. Nimmo taught his students the most advanced research on pain physiology known at the time. That included Dr. Travell’s extensive work with trigger points. A trigger point is a very small but extremely sensitive contraction knot, which can be located in any muscle or its surrounding connective tissue.



We learned that subluxation was “slow and insidious in forming.” But what did that mean? Dr. Nimmo’s simple answer: muscles move bones. The unequal tension of muscles – whether caused by illness, injury, postural distortions or stress – served as a catalyst for the formation of trigger points and resulted in subluxation and the resulting pain and dysfunction that accompanies it. Dr. Nimmo developed his Receptor Tonus Technique to treat the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.



Three of my colleagues and I went on to form the Receptor Tonus Council. In 1986, we were invited to attend a week long seminar given by Dr. Travell in the nation’s capital. It was an exciting time for me, as I had become a devotee of Dr. Travell’s extremely important work on trigger points and their significance in clinical practice.



I have practiced chiropractic manipulation and trigger point therapy in Worcester for more than three decades. Until recently, I had offices in Worcester. I now practice in Rutland and Northboro.



My professional affiliations include membership in the American Chiropractic Association, the Massachusettts Chiropractic Society, the Worcester County Chiropractic Society, the International Association for the Study of Pain and the Receptor Tonus Council.



I am a certified instructor of the Receptor Tonus Technique and for many years have taught the method at locations around the country. I have conducted continuing education seminars in Massachusetts under the auspices of the Chiropractic Council for Interdisciplinary Studies. I am a past member of the Quality Assurance Committee for the Health Care Manager — Marlboro Hospital. I have also been an independent medical examiner for several companies.




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